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Why Main Street


Planning your future is a long-term project. That's why it is crucial to work with financial professionals:

  • You believe in
  • With whom you have ongoing rapport
  • Who understand your particular situation
  • Who work exclusively for your benefit
  • Together, we can build a relationship of trust that lasts a lifetime.


Because we are an independent financial services firm, we have no products of our own to sell and no incentives or perks to motivate us. Our role is to assess your needs and use our expertise to recommend only those investment and planning vehicles that are just right for you and custom fit your objectives.

Professional Courtesy

You can rely on us to provide solid holistic financial advice that helps you work toward your goals. No question is too complex, no problem too overwhelming. If a situation is outside the scope of our expertise, we will refer you to our network of attorneys, accountants, and other professionals. Or, select a professional independently and we'll gladly work with him or her as well.

No Hidden Agenda

At Main Street Wealth Management, we have no allegiances to sell products and have no quotas to meet. We work for you. Our greatest reward is hearing about your success and being along with you for the ride.

Long-Term Vision

One of our strengths is our keen perception and long term vision. We can help visualize where you'll be five years, ten years from now. With our guidance, you will know you are planning for your future.

Cutting-Edge Technology

At Main Street Wealth Management, we understand the value of using advanced technological processes and systems to better determine how to best reach your goals. We continually review and test new software programs to be sure we have the most up-to-date, reliable resources to do the best job for you.