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Financial Planning Advantage | Main Street Wealth Management

Personalized & Holistic

We understand that your finances do not exist separately from the life you’ve built. Each client has different personal, family, business, and professional circumstances that directly shape their financial priorities and goals. We make an effort to understand your finances holistically, both within the context of your life and the current economic landscape, to ensure that we’re always delivering the most thoughtful and precise recommendations. Most of all, we take the time to really get to know you — your values, aspirations, concerns, and family dynamics — in order to provide proactive financial planning and advice that works with and for the rest of your life.

Intelligent & Connected

All of our advisors are licensed and certified above and beyond the industry standard, as we believe that the best wealth managers are life-long students of the profession. We regularly seek out opportunities to expand our collective knowledge and resources for the benefit of our clients. We are also strategically aligned with the best and brightest in the field, such as LPL Financial, Envestnet, and Private Advisor Group, and we use those connections to further improve client outcomes. Lastly, we’re always testing new financial software to ensure that we’re delivering the best results for clients in the most efficient manner possible.

Financial Planning Advantage | Main Street Wealth Management
Financial Planning Advantage | Main Street Wealth Management

Independent & Personalized

As a private, partner-owned firm, our only clients are the individuals we serve — there are no banks, brokerage firms, insurance companies, or investment banking departments to cloud our judgment or conflict with our clients’ goals. We’re also not incentivized to meet quotas. In other words, when you work with Main Street Wealth, you can be confident that everything we recommend is in your best interest and directly aligned with your path to financial independence. Period.